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A research guide for Professor Banerjee's ENC1102 students

Marxism Paper

Instructions on How to Compose ESSAY # 1 on Marxism

The first essay is based on your reading and understanding of Marxism. This should be a theoretical criticism of 500-word using proper MLA citations. Theoretical criticism means you have to use a particular theory to look at and explain certain social phenomenon like economic class, gender roles, religion, family structure etc.

Choose one out of the four prompts to write your essay. You have to explain key terms like class, labor, gender, Capitalism, etc in your essay. Apart from the handouts in BB, you also need to find one additional source to support your topic. Your source has to be credible and reliable. Remember,, Wikipedia, Spark notes, Cliff notes etc are not reliable sources. Blogs are also unreliable because they are opinion based.

 Marxist concept of class struggle, exploitation, and resistance and their relevance in modern world.
 Gender discrimination and the role of Capitalism.
 Marx’s critique of Capitalism and their relevance now.
 Why and how should we use Marxism in reading literature?

The last page of your essay is the work cited page, which will list in MLA format all the sources you have used in the essay.