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Suggested Databases for Informative and Argumentative Paper

Database Login for Students

Your Borrower ID is your student ID (PID for employees)

Your PIN is your 4-digit birth date (MMDD)

Student Database Login (Student ID is used as Borrower ID, PIN is MMDD of birthday)





Using an asterisk after a root word tells a database to look for that word and any word that can be build upon it. For example, confess* will return results for confess, confessed, confession, confessions.

Selecting Keywords and Search Tips

The first step to performing good research within the IRSC databases is finding the right keywords for your searches. In this project, there are several different ways to structure your searches to return great results in our databases. 

First, select keywords from your topic. These keywords should be narrow enough to return good results, but should not be phrased as a sentence. Many databases also have more than one search box that you can use to separate your keywords. Try different combinations to get different results. You can also put "quotation marks" around specific phrases so that the database knows to search those terms together. 

Here are some examples of ways to create keywords if you're looking for information on chimpanzees and the entertainment industry:

chimp* AND "entertainment industry"

chimpanzee AND ethics AND movies

chimpanzee AND "entertainment industry"

primates AND movies AND ethics

Click here for a sample search for chimp* AND entertainment

Here are some examples of keywords for chimpanzees and their use in the medical field

chimp* AND "medical research"

chimpanzee AND ethics AND research

Click here for a sample search for chimpanzee AND ethics

Finally, here are some sample keywords for laws that pertain to chimpanzees in different industries:

"legal aspects" AND chimpanzees

chimpanzees AND ethics


Click here for a sample search of chimpanzees AND legal

Here are some more basic keywords that also might be useful:

"animal rights"

"animal experimentation"

"research ethics" AND "animals"

"animal welfare act"

Remember, if you're not happy with your keywords or your results, try another database or change your keywords.