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Hello! Welcome to the LibGuide for Dr. Hoey's ENC 1102 Summer 2018 ENC 1102 course. Explore this LibGuide and the linked pages for resources on searching the databases and citing in MLA style. 

Selecting Keywords and Search Tips

The first step to performing good research within the IRSC databases is finding the right keywords for your searches. In this project, there are several different ways to structure your searches to return great results in our databases. 

First, select keywords from your topic. These keywords should be narrow enough to return good results, but should not be phrased as a sentence. Many databases also have more than one search box that you can use to separate your keywords. Try different combinations to get different results. You can also put "quotation marks" around specific phrases so that the database knows to search those terms together. 

Here are some examples of ways to create keywords if you're looking for information related to different themes in "Battle Royal" by Ralph Ellison

Ralph Ellison AND "Battle Royal" 

narrator AND "Invisible Man"

"Invisible Man" AND "Battle Royal"

violence AND racism

"coming of age" AND racism

Sometimes you might want to limit to only a specific work, if there is more than one work by that title, for example, use the format below to retrieve only articles about Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man and not Orson Wells' book of the same name. 

"Invisible Man" NOT "Orson Wells"

Remember, if you're not happy with your keywords or your results, try another database or change your keywords. 

Databases for Literary Criticism

Library Resources for Readings

The library databases have a variety of resources on many of the authors and works that you will be reviewing in the class. These videos and resources can be used to provide context, in addition to the scholarly literature criticisms to the right of this list.