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Search Tips


Truncation- Use an asterisk(*) to truncate words so you can get results that have the root of a word. For instance, if I'm interested in researching child psychology, I may truncate child* to get results like children and childhood. 

Quotation Marks- Use quotation marks to help get keywords in a specific order to show up in your search results. For example: A Raisin in the Sun vs. "A Raisin in the Sun" 


Consider using OR  to connect similar search ideas. For instance, if you're searching teenagers, you may also consider adolescents. A search phrase using this would like this: teenagers OR Adolescents 

Hint: You can find the OR option in the drop down connecting search boxes in most databases. 

Relevant Databases

If Looking for Literary Criticisms or Analysis

For Broader Research Purposes Consider Using: