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POS1041 Cooper Daphne: Websites

Finding Government Policies Online

You can find many official policies of the U.S. Government and its agencies online. Search for the name of the policy using a search engine like Google. Look for official government websites discussing the policy. Check the URL. If it ends in .gov, that is a good sign. Read the website and check that it is the official .gov site of the government agency. 

Government/Agency Publications

U.S. Government Printing Office
US Government Printing Office disseminates official information from all three branches of the Federal Government. Includes:

The White House
News, speeches, policies, biographies

U.S. Government News / Press Release Gateway 
News and press release websites throughout the U.S. Government

Core Documents of U.S. Democracy
To provide American citizens direct online access to the basic Federal Government documents that define our democratic society, a core group of current and historical Government publications is being made available for free, permanent, public access via G/PO Access/. These titles contain information which is vital to the democratic process and critical to an informed electorate

Open CRS - CRS Reports for the People
A project of the Center for Democracy & Technology through the cooperation of several organizations and collectors of CRS Reports, Open CRS provides citizens access to CRS Reports already in the public domain and encourages Congress to provide public access to all CRS Reports

From Monash University Library.

Search for Articles using Google Scholar

To add the FIND TEXT @ IRSC link to your search results, click the bars (also called a hamburger icon)Google Scholar Advanced Options in the top left then click Settings. Next, click on Library Links. Type in Indian River State College and click the magnifying glass and then place a checkmark in the box next to the results and click Save. 

What is Scholarly?

When your instructor asks you to find "scholarly" articles, what does that mean?