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DEA 1028 Pascual Zulihana Main: Websites

Search Tips

Limit your web results by: 

Limiting to a particular domain. Include (for example) to limit to only results with a .gov domain. 

Need to get rid of a particular subject from your search? Use the minus symbol immediately before your search. For example: -cat will get rid of any results that has cat in it. 

Need an exact phrase? Use quotation marks. For example: "Childhood Obesity" will give me those exact words together as a phrase in my results. 

Navigating Your Results

Common Domains

.gov- government website. 

.org- organizational website. Check out the about me page to find out more about it. 

.edu- educational website. Some educational institutions may be for profit, so be aware. 

.com- commercial website. They may be trying to sell a product or service, so use information cautiously. 

Common Source Types

Article- this can be through a well recognized newspaper, blog, or organization. Articles can be produced for a variety of reasons, and made available online for free or behind a pay wall. Be aware of the site where you get research from online. 

Blog post- Blog posts are often written by individuals, for a variety of purposes. You should determine authority of the author before confidently using a blog post in research.