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DEA 1028 Pascual Zulihana Main: Articles

Effective Searching

Don't forget to connect keywords using operators: 

AND- connects two keywords 

OR- either/or of a keyword where you will take results involving both keywords (produces more results)

NOT- gets rid of keywords you do not want to appear in your results 

Don't forget to limit your results: 

Date range- limit down to a specific range of years (often used to eliminate older articles)

Peer Review- limit to articles in which articles go through an evaluation process

Library Databases

Finding Articles from Citations

Use A-Z Journals to check for full text articles available through IRSC Libraries with only a citation. 

Use the journal name as your search and then use the year, volume, and issue to get to the exact article, if it is available. 

IRSC Dental Journals

Journal titles physically available at the Miley Library on Main Campus include:

  • Journal of Dental Education 
  • Journal of Dental Technology
  • Journal of Periodontology 
  • Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry 

Journal titles physically available in the Dental Department include:

  •  Access
  • Inside Dentistry
  • Journal of Dental Hygiene
  • Journal of Professional Excellence  - Dimension
  • Journal of the American Dental Association
  • Preventive Angle: Compendium
  • Today’s FDA (Florida Dental Association Journal)