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ENC1101 Morgan Diane Mueller: Articles

A resource for Professor Morgan's ENC1101 students.

Scholarly versus Popular

Scholarly articles are:

in-depth |  written by experts   validated with technical language, abstracts, literature reviews, methodologies, tables, graphs, and conclusions |  reviewed by experts | given a bibliography

Popular articles are:

brief overviews of topics |  written by journalists |  easily read by most people |  illustrated with colorful photographs or pictures reviewed by editors | not given a bibliography

Primary versus Secondary Sources

Primary sources:

provide direct or firsthand evidence of an event or person |  creative sources can be primary sources  historical documents |  legal documents statistics | interviews video recordings | audio recordings photographs correspondence including emails and letters

Secondary sources:

provide a summary, analysis, evaluation, or opinion about primary sources | journal articles |  literary criticism | books | films and documentaries

How to Log in to Databases

Database Login for Students

Your Borrower ID is your student ID (PID for employees)

Your PIN is your 4-digit birth date (MMDD)

Student Database Login (Student ID is used as Borrower ID, PIN is MMDD of birthday)




How to Search Multiple EBSCO Databases

Access an EBSCO database (i.e. Academic Search Complete) and click "Choose Databases" at the top of the screen.  

Then, click the 'Select/deselect all" box. This will allow you to search all EBSCO databases simultaneously.