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AML2020 Glover Jon Mueller: Websites

Evaluate Your Sources

Whenever you conduct research for any course the information you find should be evaluated for:

  • Currency (is the information up to date?)
  • Relevancy (is the information relevant to your topic/subject/assignment?)
  • Authority (is the author and/or sponsor identified? what are the authors credentials?)
  • Bias (does the author/sponsor/organization support just one side of an argument?)

Generally, the information you find from resources provided by your College library is better suited for your research than the information found in a Google search. But, always evaluate regardless of the source.

Websites of Interest

You may discover some interesting material or an idea for your essay while 'googling' the web. Evaluate carefully. Ask you instructor before using a website for your assignment.

Articles from the Web

Using the Internet for Research

.DO NOT use these sources for your paper:

Book reviews - Cliffnotes - Monarch Notes - SparkNotes - Wikipedia     

These publications are not appropriate for scholarly research.