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Honors: STEM Connection

Scientists Embrace the Humanities

Humanities Scholars Embrace STEM

Evaluating content for hot topics

When looking at a controversial topic such as the intersection of STEM and humanities -- it is helpful to review how logic and critical thinking skills help researchers when looking at all sides of an issue. Many of the resources available on this topic come from popular sources and require the reader to scruitinize each piece of information before accepting or discounting it completely. An IRSC librarian is happy to help you evaluate sources to determine when it is and is not appropriate to use certain ones in a given situation.   

Movers & Shakers

There are a wide variety of experts discussing the intersection of STEM and the humanities. These include representatives from government, nonprofit organizations, educational institutuions, leaders in industry, and political organizations. 

At the center of controversy

Controversy exists at the intersection of humanities and science. The selected resources below offer a glimpse into these issues. This sample is meant to be a starting point for research and discussion.

Trending Voices