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SBM1000 Entrepreneurship: Foundation Center Funding Information Network

A research guide for SBM1000 Entrepreneurship students

Ask Us

As well as asking your IRSC librarians for assistance, "The Foundation Center's Ask Us service makes it easy for you to engage our team of expert librarians who can answer any of your questions about foundations, philanthropy, fundraising, and nonprofits."

Individual and Non-Profit Grant Seekers

These websites include online training and tutorials and tools and resources for individual grantseekers. Individuals Non-profits


This website links the grantseeker to potential funding sources.

Welcome and Get Started

Welcome to the Foundation Center's Funding Information Network

"How can the Foundation Center help you? Whether you are a new visitor to its web site, an individual looking for grants, a foundation representative, a reporter, or a visitor outside the United States, the Center has guides for the many audiences seeking information from it."

IRSC Funding Information Network

Indian River State College is a member of the Funding Information Network. 

"The Funding Information Network is a network of libraries, community foundations, and other nonprofit resource centers that can be found across the U.S. and around the world."  From the Foundation Center

Knowledge Resources

This website connects the grantseeker to the Center's online or print directories, research studies, non-profit literature, and newsletters.

Foundation Center Funding Information Network

Topical Resource Lists

This website includes topical resources for grantseekers.

Training Opportunities

This website links the grantseeker to audio, video, and webinar training opportunities.