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Apps: Organized and Informed

Annotated apps used on mobile devices related to student success in higher education.

What is the Cloud?

Cloud Computing (also known as on-demand computing) is when, instead of saving your files to a specific computer or USB drive, your files are saved to an internet based application. This means that as long as you have an internet connection, you can access your files from any device! Cloud-based applications are a great way to keep your academic work and resources organized. 

Looking for ways to access your information over a variety of devices? These apps allow you to read articles, upload documents, and listen to podcasts, wherever you are. 

Save your files and access them anywhere!

Android | iOS I Computer

OneDrive lets students access an online version of many Microsoft Office programs and access your documents from anywhere. As IRSC students, your Rivermail account gives you 1TB (that's a lot of space) for OneDrive. For more information on IRSC student access to more storage space and instructions on how to get your free downloads of Microsoft . 

Students can download Microsoft Office 2013 products for free and install them on five different PCs through their RiverMail e-mail account.

Microsoft Office 2013

Android | iOS | Computer

Dropbox also lets you sync files across multiple devices and share your files with others.

Android | iOS | Computer

Google Drive lets you edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations right in any browser, and can export into .DOCX files so you can submit them in BlackBoard. 



Listen to educational (and interesting) podcasts from around the web in one convenient place. 


Have a subscription to TCPalm? Access news from anywhere. Don't have access? Follow the TCPalm Twitter for up-to-date information on weather, breaking news, and traffic. 

Instapaper (iOS Only)

Instapaper saves articles from different sources for you to read later in one place. 


Android | Apple

PressReader lets you read a selection of the largest newspapers, all from one handy app. 


Feedly is an RSS reader, or a program that loads all your favorite website posts in one place.