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ENC1102 Blondin Main: Websites

A research guide for Professor Blondin's ENC1102 students

What is Scholarly?

When your instructor asks you to find "scholarly" articles, what does that mean?

What is NOT Scholarly?

Using the Internet for Research

Do you start your research on the Internet? If so, you're not alone. Internet search engines are fast, easy, and familiar. But, using a search engine to find scholarly material for a research paper can be a daunting task.

Literary criticism written by experts is even harder to find on the Internet.You will need to look in books and journals to find scholarly material on your novel. IRSC library resources are the best place to find this material.

Use the Internet with caution! The Internet can be a a quick and easy way to find information about your novel, but you need to know who authors or sponsors the website before using it as a source.

DO NOT use these sources for your paper:

Book reviews - Cliffnotes -

Monarch Notes - SparkNotes - Wikipedia          


Evaluate Your Sources

Whenever you conduct research for any course the information you find should be evaluated for:

  • Currency (is the information up to date?)
  • Relevancy (is the information relevant to your topic/subject/assignment?)
  • Authority (is the author identified and have the proper credentials to make such claims?)
  • Bias (does the author/organization/publication have a stake in providing only one side of an argument?)

The information in this LibGuide has been evaluated for these criteria and are more scholarly than what you might find in a simple Google search. However, you should always evaluate the information you use in any assignment.