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CCJ4054 Amandro Main: Websites

A research guide for Professor Amandro's Criminal Justice Ethics and Liability students

Google News-GPS Privacy Issue

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Criminal Justice Websites

Looking for statistics? The best way to find these numbers is to search for the government entity that would be responsible for the numbers. Need statistics on car crashes? Find the Florida Highway Patrol site and search for the word "statistics". Or look-up the National Transportation Safety Board and search their site for statistics. Limit your search to government sites by adding the following words to any Google or Yahoo! search:

PBS News Hour Explanation of Supreme Court Decision

United States v. Jones

Read the full text of the Supreme Court's decision in the United States v. Jones here. This primary source is the best place to get the unbiased facts and decsions made in the case.

Search for Articles using Google Scholar

Google Scholar allows you to limit your search of the Internet to articles.