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ENC1101 Mosley Mary Main: Books

A research guide for Dr. Mosley's ENC1101 students at the Main Campus.

Search for Books

IRSC Catalog Search

Electronic Books

Paper due tomorrow? Need a resource? Don't want to leave the house? You can do research from any internet accessible computer, as long as you know how to log-in to our databases and e-books. You use the same barcode and pin to access both. Find out your log-in information by watching the video on the databases tab. E-books can be accessed by going to IRSC's full catalog and selecting Ebooks under the format option. Search by keyword for:

  • an important word in your topic, i.e. capitalism, juvenile offenders, patriot act
  • a series name, i.e. Facts on File, Current Controversies, Opposing Viewpoints

Suggested Series

The library collects a few different series of books that are produced for the college student writing an argumentative paper. Many times these series are compilations of several different scholarly authors' work on the same topic. Sometimes they will give you the pro of an issue and then the con of the issue, making it easy to read both sides of a controversy in two short chapters! Look for the following series by name using the keyword search option in the IRSC catalog.

Request an Item

IRSC can borrow many different titles from other libraries. If you have a specific title you want, you can search for it using the IRSC full catalog by changing the At search to All 28 Colleges. If you find the title there, click on the college name at the bottom of the record and then click 'Request' to request the book from that college. If you are looking for a specific article or book not found in the catalog, use the Request an Item form below to borrow the material from another library.