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ENC1102 Hoey Danny Chastain: Articles

A research guide to Dr. Hoey's ENC1102 students at the Chastain Campus in Stuart.

When to Use Databases

Databases contain online versions of newspapers, magazines, journals, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and book chapters. Since you access databases online, many people think they are websites. They are NOT websites.You must login to gain access to databases because they are proprietary resources leased for use by IRSC students and employees.

When searching databases, you can be more specific with your keywords for a more precise list of results. You can search within the title, abstract, or full text of the item. The hardest part of searching databases is knowing which one to choose. The IRSC list of databases offers brief information about each resource. You can also search for databases by subject to help you more easily select appropriate databases.

How to Log in to Databases

Login to the databases from anywhere you have Internet access. From the IRSC Library homepage, click on Find Articles. Then click on Databases by Subject. You will be asked for your Borrower ID and PIN. Your Borrower ID is your IRSC Student ID. Your PIN is the MMDD of your birth. For example, if you were born on July 31st, your PIN will be 0731. This PIN is different from your registration or Angel PIN. If you are unable to access the databases from home, call the nearest IRSC campus library for assistance.

How to Log In to Databases

Suggested Databases for Literary Criticism

Try these online databases to find literary criticisms, peer-reviewed articles, and other scholarly information about your author and novel.

Remember to choose FULL TEXT, if available.