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Dixon Hendry Library Collection: Articles

This guide is intended to help students attending the Dixon Hendry Campus access IRSC library services.

What is an online database?

An online database is an information gathering tool that allows students to easily locate scholarly information, often journal articles, via the Web. using a database is the best way to find articles for your research. Any student enrolled at IRSC has access to all College databases.

Why use an online database?

  • It may be a requirement of your assignment.
  • Database content is much more reliable than what you might find on the Web.
  • Journal articles are instantly accessible and searchable in online databases.

Can I find scholarly articles on the Web?

Yes, you can. But, it is much more difficult to find "scholarly" articles with a Web search engine. Here are some suggested websites.

About IRSC's Online Databases

The College provides access to over 100 online databases. IRSC databases contain thousands of articles from newspapers, popular magazines, and scholarly journals as well as electronic books, art work and images.

Students have instant access to these databases via the Web. The public can use the College databases by visiting any IRSC library.

Students click here to LOGIN!

Database Login for Students

Your Borrower ID is your student ID (PID for employees)

Your PIN is your 4-digit birth date (MMDD)

Student Database Login (Student ID is used as Borrower ID, PIN is MMDD of birthday)




How to Log in to Databases

Suggested Databases

If you're unsure which database to choose, here are two general databases that can be used for most assignments.

How Do Public Patrons Login?

Public patrons or non-students can only access IRSC databases by visiting a campus library. Please have an IRSC staff member call the Miley Library (4700) to log you in.