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DES1800 Pelletier Mary Main: Media

A research guide for students in Professor Pelletier's Introduction to Clinical Procedures class.

Videos at Main

IRSC Media

Media can be viewed at all campus library locations. Students must view media items onsite. If you are a student taking class at another IRSC campus, arrangements can be made to send the media item to that IRSC library for your viewing needs. The media collection is housed at the Main Campus and it is intended to support the classroom experience rather than provide entertainment value. Search for a title by limiting the Format to Audio/Visualin the IRSC catalog

ADA: Dental Minutes

Click a topic below to watch a short video.

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Online Media

The Internet provides students with a venue to obtain media clips, webcasts, podcasts, and more. One of the more popular methods of accessing these clips is through YouTube. When searching for dental or dentistry topics, look for those resources available through the US Federal Government or various dental schools or organizations.