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HSC2100 Leatherwood Main: Find Articles About New CPR Guidelines

A research guide for professor Leatherwood's class.

When to Use Databases

Databases contain online versions of newspapers, magazines, journals, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and book chapters. Since you access databases online, many people think they are websites. They are NOT websites.You must login to gain access to databases because they are proprietary resources leased for use by IRSC students and employees. 

When searching databases, you can be more specific with your keywords for a more precise list of results. You can search within the title, abstract, or full text of the item. The hardest part of searching databases is knowing which one to choose. The IRSC list of databases offers brief information about each resource. You can also search for databases by subject to help you more easily select appropriate databases. 

Keyword Tips

Remember to try different keywords (especially when searching for topics like CPR). CPR is an acronym for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Try multiple searches for both the acronym and the complete term to get the most results. 

Start with the Health and Wellness Resource Center database. This is one we covered in class.

Suggested Databases for Health Care Topics

Try these online databases to find health related peer-reviewed articles about your topic. Remember to choose FULL TEXT and limit your search to articles written within the past FIVE YEARS. Click Health and Medicine in the database subject listing to display the databases listed below.