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GEB4891 Carlson Ronald ITV Course: APA

A research guide for Dr. Carlson's Strategic Planning class.

APA Citation Websites

Check out these trustworthy, up to date sites. The IRSC guide offers plenty of examples for you to follow. If you still need help, click on the Home button to find ways to ask for help. 

Set-Up a Consult

Set-up a consultation with the closest IRSC librarian for in-person help with citations.

APA Style

APA stands for the American Psychological Association and APA style refers to the rules and techniques a student/researcher/author uses when writing in the fields of social sciences, business, education, health, and psychology. When the rules and conventions associated with APA style are followed, anyone familiar with these conventions can easily follow-up on the cited research. Citing material lends credence to a particular point of view or argument, as well as crediting other authors' ideas. 

APA LibGuide

Click the link below to find an entire LibGuide devoted to APA style; includes examples of in-text citations, full references, and sample papers formatted APA style.

Common APA Examples

Example of an in-text citation:

Ko and Rossen (2001) recommend that web sites are evaluated thoroughly

before offering them to students as information resources.

Example of a direct quote citation:

Teachers interviewed in this study came to a consensus about engineering design

curriculum, they think that it will "elevate the status of their program, the profession,

and standing among faculty while providing a platform for mathematics and science

integration" (Denson, Kelley, & Wicklein, 2009, p. 95).

Example of a citation to a journal article:

Denson, C. D., Kelley, T. R., & Wicklein, R. C. (2009). Integrating engineering

     design into technology education: Georgia's perspective. Journal of Industrial

     Teacher Education 46(1), 81-102.

Example of a citation to a print book with more than two authors:

Ko, S., & Rossen, S. (2001). Teaching online: A practical guide. Boston, MA:

     Houghton Mifflin.

APA Handbook

For more examples and explanations of APA style, use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. This manual is available at all of the IRSC libraries. 

APA Manual, 6th Ed.

When to Cite

Cite when you:

1. use direct quotes or block quotes

2. replace the authors words with synonyms

3. paraphrase the author's words

4. describe the author’s ideas in your own words

5. mention the author's name in the sentence

When in doubt, provide a citation for any idea that is not your own.