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SPC1608 Wood-Harvin Courtney Chastain: Websites

Research help for your speech class a the Chastain campus.

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When to Use the Internet

The Internet contains books, newspapers, magazines, journals, and videos; much like the catalog and databases. However, you need to sift through all the commerce websites and non-scholarly information to find the high quality, trustworthy information that is equal to academic database and academic library items. Any information found on the Internet needs to be evaluated for content, authorship, and bias.

You can search the Internet in a more controlled fashion if you limit your search appropriately. For example, you can limit your search by domain. Setting your search preference to a specific domain type will give you more trustworthy sites (.edu for educational institutions and .gov for U.S. government entities). Using one of many of Google's search engines for scholarly information also helps (Google Scholar, Google Government, Google Books, etc.).