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ENC1102 Kennedy John Mueller: The Things They Carried

This guide is designed to help Dr. Kennedy's ENC1102 students with their research papers.

Search Tips


When searching databases, use various combinations of keywords to improve your search results.

Enclose phrases in double quotation marks.

"Things They Carried"  "Tim O'Brien" "fiction"

Use the names of characters to narrow your results:

"Rat Kiley"  "Jimmy Cross"  "Linda"

Add terms that relate to a theme in the novel:

"war trauma"  "memory" "masculinity" "storytelling"

Search for information on related topics like:

"post traumatic stress"  or "Vietnam War"


Find Books

To find books containing critical essays, use the Brackett Library catalog. Here are some of the books available in the Reserve Room.


Here are some websites that might contain acceptable material, but you will still have to evaluate each source. Ask Dr. Kennedy if you are unsure!

Reference Books

Reference books can be good sources for background information on Tim O'Brien. Here are a few in the Brackett Library.

Caution: These sources are used best as starting points for research rather than references in your paper.

American Fiction of the 1990s REF 813.540935

Gale Contextual Encyclopedia of American Literature REF 810.9 GAL V.3

Magill's Notable American Novelists REF 813.009 NOT V.2 p. 1001

Magill's Survey of American Literature REF 810.9 MAG V.4