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Finding journal articles in mathematics education

Your Assignment

You will be writing a brief summary of a journal article from the field of mathematics education. This guide will help you find suitable articles in the Libraries' databases. Follow the log in instructions to the right.

Finding Journals

•    Click the "A-Z Journals" tab at the top of the "Databases by Subject" or "Databases Alphabetical" page.
•    Type the title of a journal from the approved journal list provided on your assignment. (eg. "Teaching Children Mathematics
•    Click the “Go” button.
•    You should have some search results. Click the title of the journal.
•    In the new window you’ll see which databases hold subscriptions to this journal and the date ranges covered in each database. Choose a database with the longest or most current coverage by clicking the “Go” button next to it.

How to Login to IRSC Databases from Off-Campus

Login to the databases from anywhere you have Internet access. From the IRSC Library homepage, click on Find eResources (Articles). Then click on Databases by Subject. You will be asked for your Borrower ID and PIN. Your Borrower ID is your IRSC Student ID. Your PIN is the MMDD of your birth. For example, if you were born on July 31st, your PIN will be 0731. This PIN is different from your registration or Blackboard PIN. If you are unable to access the databases from home, call the nearest IRSC campus library for assistance.